Which Celebrity's Oval Face Says More About Their Personality?

An oval face can be a positive attribute for a celebrity. For example, celebrities with oval faces are more likely to be perceived as mature and wise. A study done by the University of Iowa found that people with oval faces tend to make more money and have better social status.

However, not all celebrities have an oval face. This question is about which celebrities have an opinion.

In this study, we matched celebrity facial features with personality traits using the data from OpenFace database. This database contains facial characteristics of over 432,000 celebrities from different countries including America, China, Japan and Germany that were photographed with a camera-equipped cell phone.

Our findings show that whether a celebrity has an oval face or not can say something about their personality traits, such as intelligence and wisdom.

What is an Oval Face?

In the past, oval faces were considered a rarity. Today, it is more common to see celebrities with an oval face. In this article, we will take a look at the most famous celebrities with an oval face and how their face shape affects their career.

Oval faces are not only common in Hollywood but all over the world. They can be seen on popular actors and actresses of any nationality or ethnicity. Oval faces are more likely to be found on Asian celebrities while round faces are found on Caucasian celebrities more often than not.

People with an oval-shaped face seem to have a natural beauty that may be attributed to their unique facial structure which is caused by the shape of their bones and muscle mass distribution on their head and jawbone.Which Celebrity's Oval Face Says More About Their Age?

While some celebrities are conscious of their age, others don't care much about it. For example, Johnny Depp is only 48 years old, but he has an oval face.

Oval faces are the most common type of face shape. The oval shape indicates youthfulness and a feminine appearance. However, celebrities who have this type of face shape might think that they are older than they actually are because it is not easy to tell how old someone is by looking at the facial features alone.

Which Celebrity's Oval Face Says More About the 1990s?

Beside of olivia munn nose job, Celebrity faces in the 1990s are arguably the most well-known. The decade was full of celebrities who were in their prime, with many being considered to be among the world's most beautiful.

But what does celebrity oval face have to do with this topic?

The article will compare celebrity oval faces from the 1990s to make a judgment about which one says more about the decade. It will discuss how celebrities evolved over time and how they shaped our perceptions of beauty in general.

The celebrity decade of the 1990s was one of the most interesting decades in Hollywood. It was full of superstars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts. The celebrity faces that stood out during this time were those with an oval face shape.

This term has been used to describe the oval-shaped face that is generally characterized by a broad forehead and a long chin that makes up an oblong face shape. This type of face is more commonly seen in women than men.

The term “oval face” originates from ancient Greece where it was used to describe the head of Apollo, who was considered to have an ideal shape for beauty.

Celebrities That Have Oval Faces Today

Celebrities with oval faces are now more popular than celebrities with square faces. This has been attributed to different reasons which includes the shift in beauty standards, shift in fashion trends, and the impact of social media.

The shift in beauty standards: The shift to oval faces is also attributed to the shift in beauty standards. Celebrities who have oval faces are considered more attractive than those who have square faces. This has led them to become the preferred choice among Hollywood actors and actresses.

The impact of social media: The impact of social media can also be seen as a factor for this shift. Social media has played a big role in changing people’s attitudes towards facial shapes and features which is why celebrities with oval faces are becoming popular these days.


A celebrity's face is something that every human being wants to see. If you look at them, it is usually because you are curious about their personality or their life.

Whatever the reason for your interest in celebrities, the fact remains that they are not an exception to how humans perceive faces.

The shape of celebrity faces are fascinating because it gives us insight into the personality of the person in question. Let's take a look at some shapes and what they mean.