How to Make a Coloring Page for Your Kids Based on Their Love of Gumballs

Readers asked for a simple way to make a coloring page based on their children’s love of gumballs.

Who doesn’t remember the nights they spent with their parents coloring together? It’s such a special time to be with your child and I’m sure you’ve done it dozens of times. There are so many fun and unique ideas to choose from that it can be difficult to choose just one.

I know that I always loved spending time with my mom and her colorful drawings. I wanted to share that love of creativity and color with my own daughter, so I began researching what materials she might like to use as well as which techniques would work best for her age group.

What is a Coloring Page?

Coloring pages are an easy, inexpensive, and fun way of teaching children. They are also a great way to introduce the idea of art therapy, which is an effective form of therapy technique that can help with stress management and mood improvement.

Coloring pages have been around since the 19th century. While they were originally used for adults to relieve stress or to put them in a better mood by making them laugh, it has since evolved into a fun activity for children. To find coloring pages online, you would have to go through hundreds or thousands of websites. That’s when AI came into play. AI-powered websites are able to filter out the ones that are relevant for your preferences with just one click!

You can find coloring page at best free coloring pages.

Types of Gumballs You Can Use to Inspire Your Gemstones and Colors Along the Way

If you want to find the perfect color palette to inspire your gemstones and colors, then you should probably look into the options that come with a variety of colors.

You can use the following six types of gumballs and their corresponding colors:

  • Red: Red gumballs;
  • Yellow: Yellow gumballs;
  • Green: Green gumballs;
  • Blue: Blue gumballs;
  • Purple: Purple gumballs;
  • White: White gumball.

Top 3 Tips on How to Colour Your Own Gumballs

These tips will help you create a detailed image of how to color your own gumballs.

1) Start with a round ball and use a tool to flatten the ball.

2) Draw a circle around the middle of the flattened ball. This is what will become your base, which is where you can start drawing other shapes on top of this base.

3) Use your circle as a guide to draw various lines on top of it – these lines will be used as guidelines for the colours that you want to use in your gumball.

Different Ways of Colouring Your Gumballs

This is a guide for making your own coloured gumballs. It includes easy and quick ways to colour your gumballs at home.

Colouring your own gumballs is a fun way to use up scraps of fabric, wool, or cotton. The possibilities are endless when you can mix and match colours. To make it easier for you, we have listed the different ways below:

1) Liquids: Pour the liquid into a small dish and then add some food dye in it. Dip in balls and then shake off excess dye on a towel or paper towel

2) Dye: Add the dye in water and dip in balls

3) Spoons: Dip in balls with spoons

4) Popsicle sticks

Step by Step How-to Guide for Making A Coloring Page from the Original Gumball Machine

Here we have a step by step guide for you to make your own coloring page.

Step 1: Print out your coloring page on A4 paper and cut it into two pieces.

Step 2: Fold the A4 paper in half and then in half again to create a small square.

Step 3: Tie up one corner of the paper and then use the other corner to loop over it and tie it up as well.

Step 4: Turn the small square inside out and fold in half, making sure you align all sides together, including the top and bottom of the paper. Tie up both ends of the string or ribbon, leaving about 10cm (4 inches) of slack.

How to Make a Coloring Page for Your Kids Based on Their Love of Gumballs
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