Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire Review

Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire image1Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire – Egton Wall mounted electric poweredHearth E116R. Tasteful Black Curved toughened glass fronted electricfireplace with incrediblyeveryday living like flame effect, 12colourmoodlightsand simpleto employ multi purposeLcddisplayhandheld remote control. The flame effectis usuallymodified for intensity/brightness and will be utilized by itself or collectivelytogether with themoodlightingas well as theheatsettings. The moodlightsmight be cycled through the12out therecolorsand thenecessary shade picked. You’ll be able to also pickthat themoodlightslowlyvariationsas a result ofeach and everyof thetwelvecolours.(approx each individualten secs).

Prettyreducedmanagingvalue for flame effect and moodlights. A lot less than £2.twentyperyear on std Uk tarrif if made use of 5hrs a day all yr. Mains cable size1.7M Very easy toput in. Quiet heater operation with bottom outlet so TVs is usually mounted above . Min 200mm clearance necessary. OneYearGuarantee Specification: Voltage 220/240Vac 50hz oneand 2 kW. Colour – Wall mounting bracket bundledProportions L 910mm x H 580mm x W 180mm Handheld remote controlfunctions – Off/On. Flame Effect , Moodlighting, Heater, Thermostat, Timer.

Definitelylovethis hearth, appears to be likeamazing when lit up. The Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire log effect and flame appears to bereal and genuineand thetemper lights over thefacet give it a cosy glow, which may be matched to improve your place decor. The admirer heater warms up the spacenicely with lowwarmth on 1 then significantwarmth on two . The fireplace was was easy toset up and theshipping was fast, and effective.

Greathearth – quitesleekwith all theveryreal lookingsearching flames. In addition, it heats up the areaquickly and will not make a great dealsound. The side lights can be anice addition as you can transform them relyingover theinterior or your mood! Very pleased with my buy. The led’s definitelyprovidethis kindof fireplaceinto yourrecent time. This can bea powerfuland delightfulvery easy to use and fantasticbit of artwork. It considerably surpassed our expectations, it helps make your areareally feel homely and heateven ifyou don’t have the heating component on. The lights to theaspect are pretty but optional so might beleft off. The timer to thedistantis actually awonderfulaspect and furthermore, it heats a 15×15 place up so properlywith nohardly a audio from it truly issupporter.

This hearth is fantastic. Easy toinstall. Trusted. The Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire  black curved frontage boosts its structure. Beautifulwoodimpactgive a cosy environment with adjustable amounts of ‘flame’ illumination. The handheld remote controlcontains agoodrangeand it iswell lit when in use. The remote controlis likewisehelpfulto indicatefrom the surrounds special effectscolors. This keeps our grandchildren amused as thedifferentcolorsappear and shineto the wall. A truecharacteristicwithin our lounge. This fire was essential for our new household.

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  • 1. Wall mounted black curved glass panel heater. (Also available in white glass with pebbles as Egton White wall mounted electric fire.)
  • 2. 100% LED lighting and Flame effect having amazingly realistic effect.
  • 3. Full remote control with LCD display to turn the fire on and off, 1 & 2kW,thermostatically control the room temperature, time to off control, 4 level brightness flame effect 12 colour mood lighting (2xAAA batteries included.)
  • 4. Dimensions W 910mm x H 580mm x D 180mm
  • 5. One Year Guarrantee

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